Provision of Waste Crude oil Recovery and Treatment Service

Scope Of Work -As per design, six evaporation ponds were built in CPF to store produced water, slop oil and sludge temporarily. A lot of waste crude oil accumulates in the first evaporation pond every year, and the total amount is approximately 10000-20000m’. The waste crude Oil shall be recovered and treated by the heating, de-emulsifying and de-sediment process and then transferred back to CPF oil processing system again. Tenderspedia, a leading business e-Procurement Portal is the first agency to report this notification.

The project is to select the qualified contractor who is able to provide the Waste Crude Oil Recovery and Treatment Service from CPF e vaporation ponds. A location near to evaporation ponds in CPF Will be allotted by A1-Waha to the contractor, but the leveling and compaction for this place should be done by the contractor. The contractor is responsible for providing, installing, operating and repairing the waste crude oil recovery and treatment system (the Treatment Capacity at least 200m’/d ) including equipment, materials, spare parts and etc. In summary, all the work is within the scope of work Of the Contractor, unless the work is mentioned particularly to be done by A1-Waha. The service fee will be paid based on the quantity of the recovered crude Oil.

For further details, please call on +44-7505 672419 or email at or register on the website:

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