Purchase of Endless Ribbons

Ministry Of Finance Invites Tenders for Purchase, on examination of samples and prices of endless ribbons. Government Tenders Info Online, a leading business leading Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification.

The services under this assignment will generally include the purchase, on examination of samples and prices of endless ribbons, according to the lots and quantities set out in the tender specifications.

Designation of lots Quantities (unit: ribbon) Value of provisional security (in Tunisian dinar) Lot /.1: 1: Endless ribs of linen (3080: 21) mm

3: Nylon endless ribbons (4000 1 9,2) mm 100 30

Lot N ° 4: Endless nylon ribbons (3960 1 9,2) mm 2 500 700

Lot No. 5: Endless nylon ribbons (5310 1 8.8) mm 2 000 700

The deadline for receipt of tenders and samples is set at 12.00 hours on 12 April 2017. The seal of the Central Bureau of the RNTA shall be authentic. Candidates shall be bound by their tenders for a period of 120 days from the day following the closing date for the receipt of tenders. The opening session of the bids is public and will be held on 12 April 2017, at 12:00.

Tenderers shall be entitled to attend, either by themselves or by their representatives, their mandates. Candidates present are not allowed to intervene in the work of the committee.

N.B: The tenderer wishing to withdraw the specifications must present himself with the stamp of the company and his national identity card and a power of attorney

For further details, please call on +44-7505 672419 or email at   andy.p@tenderspedia.com or register on the website: http://www.tenderspedia.com

Tenderspedia provides a wide range of online Business-to-Business (B2B) Tender information services like Public procurement information, business information services; IT enabled services, E-Commerce and bid facilitation, and consultancy services.



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